David Krug & the Brotherhood Brand

In his early twenties David Krug founded the Brotherhood company, celebrating the siblinghood-like culture found in skateboarding and snowboarding. 

Owning a company that brought joy and value to others had been a dream since his early teens and the dream became too strong to deny after many inspiring meetings with skateboarders and skateboard company owners on his California and Colorado travels.

After some years of designing apparel and running various skateboard and snowboard media through Brotherhood, David Krug and the company ventured into a collaboration with Stockholm City Council and Skarpnäck City Council to create a park with colorful skateboard sculptures and street-inspired skateboard obstacles. 

The park called Brotherhood Plaza is many skateboarders dream park to skate and has become known among core skateboarders from all over the world for taking the creativity and real street skateboard feeling to a whole new level.

The park quickly also became a popular meeting ground for local youth outside of the skateboard sphere. 

Some of David Krug's positive creations in the park include the Love Sculpture, the Live Free brick mosaic ramp and inscriptions like "You can do what you want - You can be what you want - Never give up your dream". 

Visitors who have come to skate the park include international skateboard personalities like Aaron Jaws Homoki, Dallas Rockvam, Benji Galloway, Eniz Fazliov and Mike Diaz, to name a few. 

While expanding and building new creative pieces inside the park to bring good vibes to the park's visitors, Krug collaborates with both the local Skarpnäck community as well as skateboarders and artists of Stockholm and the rest of Sweden, Europe and the USA.

To further share his love for skateboarding with others, David Krug created The Skateboard Car – a fully functional skateboard ramp on a truck. He shipped this from Sweden to Africa where he brought joy to street children, orphans and the occasional curious wild animals like lions, giraffes and elephants.

The David Krug and Brotherhood story is still a story in the making.

Join the ride and expect some unexpected development in the future.