About the David Krug brand

Most of David Krug's projects has been used as platforms to support individual growth, expression and contribution to other people's success, which is also what the David Krug clothing brand is created for.

Together with our collaborators we create unique limited edition designs to fuel you with positive energy, spread good vibes and inspire new meetings and friendships.

We aim to bring out a great state of mind in you who wear our clothes and in those you meet and we use parts of profits to empower those who need help. 

The positive messages and motives on the apparel you chose in our store can remind you of what's important to you, and communicate this to others.

Many of our messages and patterns are designed using the David Krug font, a typeface registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office to preserve the originality of our limited edition apparel and accessories.

David Krug has also designed a few other fonts that you will find on our motives. Fonts designed by collaborators are used used on some occasions as well.

For you who loves to wear unique and original designs we guarantee this through our next level limited edition policy.

Would you like to make a difference in people's life? We let you make a positive impact through our social impact policy that lets every purchase fund empowerment projects.

The first focus is helping vulnerable children, youth and others to higher success levels where they can start helping others, aiming for snowball effects improving many lives. 

Besides the motivational messages of David Krug, the brand is also created as a platform to highlight other artists and creators with hearts that burn for spreading positive messages. 

Examples of this are mural graffiti artist and painter Benny Halldin's inspiring art, sparking deep emotions in many, and the art of Jens-O Thor, celebrating Mother Earth, the environment, gratitude and a positive outlook, as well as Rob E’s music inspiring fans to work hard on their goals and follow their dreams. 

We will keep connecting you with creators like these, who has a deeper intention with their creations.

The founder David Krug is a free spirit with a background of art, design, bucket list realization, skateboarding and overcoming setbacks.  

Krug has had his share of being betrayed, deceived, used, depressed, robbed, broke before making it financially, injured and life threateningly ill a number of times in his life.

Still managing to reach new levels of success and happiness, David promotes perseverance, goals and hard work on his own gradual path to higher and higher freedom, happiness, success and creative expression.

One of David Krug's ultimate goals is to create a simplified way for people to reach higher levels of their dreams and higher levels of happiness and the clothing brand supports this goal.

The vision is to create a blueprint to build wealth, that is much more simple to follow for anyone, than the more advanced blue prints that already exist in books like the life changing book Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill with help from Dale Carnegie. 

This blue print will not be created as a replacement, but as a gate way that people can use for simple and certain way to create progress. 

This will always be combined with spreading knowledge about life changing books like Art of Happiness and Think & Grow Rich.