To Advocate Love in all its forms

Advocating a loving attitude and spreading new, creative love designs was one of the biggest original inspirations when starting working on the David Krug store and brand. 

The Stockholm Love Sculpture by Krug was built in 2010 and the original registered domain name for this store began with the world love.

Some of the first designs of the David Krug brand where the stars and stripes love flag designs and the leopard love designs.


Including empowerment, motivation and nature

Long before launching the brand it had grown into a concept that involved empowerment, motivation, love for nature, animals, life, creativity, growth, freedom and much more.


No brand name describes David Krug better than David Krug.

For the first time Krug has named his project and brand after himself instead of creating another company name or brand name to represent him. This comes from realizing that this is the only way that the name will stay relevant and descriptive no matter what the concept evolves into, for as long as David Krug is the main driving force behind it.

As long as David Krug is alive this store and brand will in big part be about advocating love, understanding and helpfulness to fellow human beings and animals.