How to Verify Authenticity

The safest and easiest way to know that your David Krug items are authentic is to purchase them directly on All brands and items sold on are and will always be authentic and original. 

Since our products are limited to 90 items or less per design, you may be looking to buy a product that has sold out on and you may find someone who offers to resell this item to you.


In cases like this, take caution to verify that the product is authentic. 


● Ask to see and take a photo of the original receipt 
An experienced reseller keeps the e-mail receipt from the original purchase. This should include the order number, product name(s), price and address of delivery.

● If the person does not have that receipt at hand
Ask for, and write down, approximate original purchase date, full name of buyer, what different products the buyer did buy at that time and to which address the products were sent. 

● Take a photo of the inside label(s) of the item

● Contact us with the form below
Let us know that you want to verify an order authenticity. We will reply so that you can then send us the photos of the receipt and labels. 

We let you know if the original purchase happened
We will compare the order number, products and the address and either confirm to you that this purchase has taken place, or let you know if the receipt is a fake or if there was no such orders near that date mentioned.

Authentic receipt does not guarantee authentic product
Please remember that the order authenticity is only a verification that an order has existed and been delivered with certain items and order number. It is still possible that a person may try to sell a copy while using an authentic receipt to do so.

However, verifying receipts and order number with us makes it hard for any copycat to sell many piracy items using one original receipt over and over again. 

We look for signs of authenticity and piracy on labels
If you also sent us the photos of inside labels we will look for signs of definite piracy items and also look for signs of the item having a high probability of being authentic.

We will not mention exactly what we will be looking for, in order to make life harder for copycats.


Welcome to send us any other questions about authenticity below.