DK early 20's influences & road trips

Some of you can identify with David Krug's early years as a curious and adventurous teenager growing up in a far from exciting home town where no one believes that you can do anything out of the ordinary, yet still feeling a big call and to do more, see more and create more out of your life. 

In this small town David got his kicks as best he could, from reckless driving, skateboarding and road trips and adventures often revolving around skateboarding and snowboarding. 

He binge watched skateboard videos from California and Hollywood movies and music, fueling California dreams that you might have felt yourself at some point. 

On a hitch hike trip in Europe at 19 David became good friends with U.S. skateboarders Tim McAuliffe and E.J. Griffin who came by his parent's place some weeks later and invited him to visit them in the states. 

At age 20 Krug sold his belongings, moved to Stockholm and worked two jobs for half a year to then buy a one way ticket from Europe to Tim and E.J. in California.

Soon they all went to a skateboard clothing industry event in Las Vegas where Krug met some people selling their old Dodge Van.

David bought the van on the spot and started a life on the road on the american west coast and Colorado, repeatedly running into legendary and inspirational people like skateboarders Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Vanessa Torres, Sal Barbier, Mike McGill, Tony Alva, Shepard Fairey and people behind brands like Powell, DC Shoes, Vans, and Lib Tech and bands like Lag Wagon.

He also ran into inspiring skaters and entrepreneurs from his home country Sweden, like Ali Boulala, Mathias Ringstrom, Ingemar Backman and Greger Hagelin.

Inspired by these meetings, companies, and especially by all new skateboard friends who invited Krug to visit their homes and skateboard businesses, David founded the company Brotherhood, with a name celebrating the sibling like culture found in skateboarding and snowboarding regardless of gender.

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