Your Social Impact with David Krug

Imagine a world where every purchase means that you donate to projects that empower people and animals in need of help and where many of the creations you wear promote love, inner strength, a giving attitude and a positive mindset. 

This is the foundation that we build upon.


10% of profits always go to charity, empowerment and animal protection

The David Krug brand puts aside at least 10% of all profits from each sale into a fund for charity, philanthropy and youth empowerment to help improve people's lives, and of course also share profits with our creative collaborators.

For wildlife designs, other animal designs and vegan designs bought by you appreciated animal enthusiasts out there, we earmark the 10% of the profit to animal advocating projects and other projects that will lead to less animal suffering.


On certain creations an additional 20-50% goes to charity & philanthropy 

Some of our creations are made in collaboration with a charity or philanthropy organization or project or a person deserving help, where they will receive 20-50% of the profits when you buy the product. This is something we will do more and more to improve people's lives.

Some charity and philanthropy projects and people deserving of help are also partners who can earn money to improve lives, by recommending our store to other people and be rewarded when people purchase our products. 


Thank you for making a difference with us!