Limited Edition Policy

None of the David Krug brand designs has ever been made in more than 90 pieces per colorway.

A major goal for this brand is to have positive impact.

If in the future, we would ever make a run with more than 90 pieces per colorway, then it will would be clearly stated on these products pages and it would only be with certain specific designs, for specific good causes.


Our reasons to keep David Krug designs rare and exclusive:

We want to keep people that inspire us, hyped on wearing our creations, knowing that they can get exclusive limited designs with higher purposes besides just looking great. 

Thousands of hours and much love, thought and passion goes into our art, one of a kind typefaces and designs and we let our prices reflect that.

The sculptures that some of our designs are based upon took hundreds of hours for us to build.

The intention of David Krug as a brand is to create products with love and always use significant parts of the profits for good causes, charity projects, philanthropy, education, improving people's lives and rewarding skilled and ambitious collaborators well. 

A company's higher meaning is only as high as the positive difference it makes or strives to make in peoples life. 



Even more limited editions

Besides our limit of maximum 90 pieces of each color, we have some colorways that we keep even more limited, with a maximum of  50, 25, 10 and even 5, 3, 2 and 1 of its kind.

The edition limit that we certify in this store is our absolute maximum. We will never sell more than this number of those designs and color ways.

To give buyers extra exclusivity and value we at times even stop creating and selling some products before they reach their maximum limited edition.


Not-For-Resale editions

Some colorways and designs will never be available for resale and can only be attained as a collaborator, a VIP or a deserving winner of a contest.

These products are marked as "Not For Resale" in the store and are of course not possible to order and they don't have a price, as they are not for sale.

We show these products in the store as a reference of authenticity for those who owns these rare pieces.


Future price point

Our clear intention is that creations sold that are kept in prime condition should keep their value over time and even go up in value.

It is likely that you will see our retail prices adjusted upwards up over the next few years.

It is not likely that you will see this brand lower prices and go mainstream.

Since we are all about making a positive difference in people's lives, we may or may not venture out in special collaboration runs for good causes, using certain designs, if the project will make a big positive impact on a lot of people's lives. 


Subscribers, buyers and members are rewarded

We keep showing continuous appreciation to you who buy our creations and follow our e-mails and social media.

You will get chances of deals, memberships and partnerships that will not be announced in our store.

Joining our e-mail list and buying one of our creations is the first steps to getting to know us. In some cases it evolves into different forms of collaboration, business or friendships.

If you wish to start see where your journey with us would take you, sign up on our the e-mail list on the bottom of most pages or make a purchase. 

You are also always welcome with your questions

See you around.

David Krug & team