To bring opportunities to artists and others

Most of the greatest artists are so busy with their main creative arts that they never tap into the potential of creating advanced clothing designs with their art even though many in the world would find joy in it if they did. 

Many are also so focused on their art that they don't have time to go deep into empowerment, philanthropy and charity. 

Some are so focused on creating, that they never really make their art available outside of their normal circle. 

The results are that a lot of people are missing out, the artists themselves who could get more income while enjoying helping people, the people who could be helped by empowerment projects fueled by the art and clothing, the fans and everyone else who would love the artistic collections. 

One intention with the Krug platform is to be the missing link that brings great artists to the world in new shapes and forms, on clothing and accessories.

This way we can serve the artists, the fans, the empowerment projects and the world all at once.